What is a strolling magic?

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"Strolling magician", "roving magician" or "walk around magician", is a type of magic show where the magician or mentalist engages guests throughout the event up close.  Usually, a strolling magician or mentalist is hired during cocktail hours ranging anything from weddings, corporate parties, or even private house parties. The best part about strolling magic is it's adaptability to fit almost any event space.

How does strolling magic work?

Strolling magic is quite simple, and one of the most memorable experiences your guests can have at an event. An experienced magician will walk around engaging small groups at a time, from 2 guests to as large as 10 or more being completely surrounded. An experienced magician will be able to read the room and pinpoint what groups are open to take part in magic while others may be in business talks and should respect their privacy. After a while, most performers will read the situation a second time and look for groups who may be open to see more or move onto another group.

Does strolling magic involve setup?

One thing I get asked as a corporate strolling magician and mentalist is do I need any setup? Strolling entertainment is completely adaptable for most environments and does not need a stage of any kind. However, it is important to speak with your magician to find the right moment as they will know from past events to give the best experience for your guests. Be aware that strolling entertainment whether it is corporate entertainment or at a private house party, is designed to be fully interactive and up close. Therefore, it's not ideal during dinner as guests' attention will be divided - no one wants to let their food go cold. Be sure to speak with your event entertainer for more tips. In the end, hiring an event entertainer will keep your guests engaged, excited, and create memorable memories for everyone.

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Invite your guests as they take part in their own personal strolling magic experience. Guests may experience magic in their hands, minds being read, and much more!

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