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Invite Richard as he puts on an interactive magic & mind-reading show ranging from visual magic to thought provoking mind-reading demonstrations filled with surprises and comedy. His parlor magic show puts the attention on the audience and guests on stage which creates a ton of comedic moments. His show ranges from 10 mins to 45 mins and can be designed as a quick opening act to a full interactive show for small to large audiences. Perfect for your next corporate holiday party or private event.

An evening with Richard's magic offers an unforgettable blend of magic and showmanship, combining humor with jaw-dropping tricks that leave the audience astounded. You can expect to witness traditional magic and apparent mind-reading demonstrations, such as modern-day card tricks and sleight of hand, as well as audience participation activities. Moreover, each show is tailored to the energy of the crowd on that particular occasion — no two shows are ever alike! Besides entertaining your guests, Richard makes sure to create a rapport between himself and all audience members: whether it's by inviting people up on stage or casually interacting with them from their seats —he's known to be one of the friendliest gents you'll ever meet and has the ability to draw everyone in without making anyone uncomfortable is what sets him apart!

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